Hawkesbury Business Events - Innovation, Growth and Inspiration
Hawkesbury Business Events - Innovation, Growth and Inspiration
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Hawkesbury Business Events

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Innovation, Growth and Inspiration

Hawkesbury Business Events (HBE) run an annual program for local business people. By participating, businesses and business people will discover innovative methods of operation while growing their networks and uncover the inspiration to overcome challenges. The program includes events across the entire region for organisations of all sizes, industries and at all stages of growth so that everyone in included.

The HBE program has been developed in response to growing interest in the region for additional economic focused events. As a result of the growth of Western Sydney as a destination, funding for economic projects in the region and an influx of residents to the Hawkesbury, the potential for large economic growth in region is high.

The region has faced bush fires, floods and an epidemic in the last 2 years. Local businesses need to find inspiration to move forward and innovative ways to adapt to our new situation because of these events. Our program is responsive to the needs of businesses across the region holistically, plus the requirements of specific industries.

The events program includes:

  • Hawkesbury Business Week and networking events across the whole region;
  • Hawkesbury Business Awards to recognise local achievement and inspire similar achievement for others;
  • The Hawkesbury Conference and industry specific conferences to bring new ideas and inspire innovation; and
  • Hawkesbury Expo and industry specific expos to expand brand recognition for local businesses in the Region and beyond.
  • Hawkesbury Business Week for networking a, Hawkesbury Business Awards to recognise local achievement, Conferences to inspire and Expos for all local businesses to promote their products and services. Through participation in the program, businesses of all sizes industries will have greater local recognition of their brand and grow a larger sales generating support network within the region. The events are held all over the Hawkesbury region, in order to capture the vast array of industries and businesses models that can proudly call the

HBE is run by a local business, Prismatic Group, for Hawkesbury businesses because supporting and growing our community is our passion.